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Enjoy the space and privacy of the entire top floor (4th floor) and roof area of a modern “shophouse” building in a quiet cul-de-sac in a convenient part of Chiang Mai. There is a small coworking space on the ground floor, with a kitchen (with washing machine and dryer) to the rear.

The furnishing is minimal but everything is brand new (as of mid-November 2018), including the double bed. The rooms are spacious and clean. You will be the only guest(s) on the 4th floor. There is another guest on 3rd floor, and that is it, no other inhabitants.

You have an air conditioner, but can also open the balcony at the front and the windows at the rear of your floor to create a fresh though-breeze. Strong water pressure and a new electric shower in your private bathroom means hot, satisfying showers.

Coworking & Studio Space

The ground floor (the “shop”) has been fitted out as a working space, primarily for guests and their friends, to give you a free alternative to working on your own floor.

There is high-speed AIS Fibre Internet WiFi throughout the building.

For variety, there are also tons of cafes nearby where you can work, but our own space is available to you 24hrs a day.

We will allow meetups (such as the Chiang Mai WordPress group) to meet here for free. We hope to become a hub for interesting, skilled people who are getting things done.

The 2nd floor is a large space used mostly for Facebook streaming, YouTubing and podcasting. You are free to use the tripods, lights and mics for your own recordings.

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House of Siam is in a small, quiet cul-de-sac next to a Buddhist grotto. This location, just around the corner from a thriving market but with plenty of relaxed, tree-lined streets to stroll around, is the best way to experience the things that make Chiang Mai special.

It is a great base, not only because the area itself is interesting and has pretty much all you need close at hand (including a Big C 24hr convenience store just a minute away, and two different 7-Eleven stores within 3 minutes), but also because it is easy to get to anywhere else in the city from here. Grab, Songthaews (or “red cars”), Mobike shared bicycles (see photo), and public buses are all plentiful here.

The Mobike scheme is terrific. Download the app to your phone to gain access to the orange bikes you see parked randomly all over the city, including right outside House of Siam. When you finish your trip, just park the bike anywhere for the next user. It takes me 5 minutes to cycle down to the old city’s North Gate (where there is a good Jazz bar and a night market), 10 minutes to reach Tha Pae Gate or Huay Kaew road, and about 15 minutes to reach Nimman road or the Night Bazaar. You pay 200 baht for 3 months of unlimited Mobike rides.

The famous Thanin Market / Siri Wattana Market, with a huge variety of goods, foods, services, fresh fruit & veg available every day, is just around the corner. This is a real market, with real Thai prices, not a “night market” geared towards tourists.

Food is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of Thailand, and markets like Thanin are where all the restaurants buy their fresh ingredients every day. You can buy the ingredients to prepare your own food, or sit down at one of the many vendors who sell prepared dishes for 40 baht and up.

I like fruit, but am lazy. I like that, in a Chiang Mai market, I can buy fresh fruit already sliced in a small bag for 10 baht, or an entire mango or pineapple, on a tray, ready-to-eat, for 30 or 40 baht. Best of all, a generous serving of mango sticky rice is 50 baht … if you have not discovered mango sticky rice yet, seriously, you have not lived.

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This part of the city, to the north of the old city, around Rajabhat University, is geared towards students. Unlike the tourist areas, you have a huge variety of restaurants, cafés and bars offering good value.

On the small street itself, you have several restaurants, including a vegetarian one (there is also a specialist vegan shop nearby in the market). You can find pretty much any cuisine, including western, within a few minutes walk.

I particularly like the Ab’Petite Café and Phuaphiang Café, both of which are a one minute walk away. I also enjoy the buffet at the Retro Steak Café, but don’t know how they make money from the 139 baht they charge.

Many of the top residences in Chiang Mai are located here, such as Viangbua Mansion, The Opium, My Place Apartments, Baibua Apartments etc, so, the area is well-established as a favorite for Western and Japanese tourists, but has not yet been touched by mass tourism from China.

Our quiet cul-de-sac is right to the side of the massive Viangbua Mansion building, so, it is easy to describe where you are staying.

Availability, Entire Top Floor

Booking Details

Use the calendar opposite to see if the nights you want are still available. Use the contact form below to book. A 20% deposit will secure your booking.

The cost for the entire 4th floor (double bedroom with small balcony, landing area and shower room / toilet) and roof area is 500 baht per night, with a minimum stay of 3 nights.

There is a 10% discount for stays of 7 days or more, and a 20% discount for stays of 30 days or more (i.e. 12,000 baht for 30 days). Water and electricity is included.

There is plenty of space but we are geared to individuals and couples. The bed is a double. Each guest beyond two costs an extra 100 baht per night to cover additional water, electricity and wear. 

The building is modern and clean. There is a one-off cleaning fee of 300 baht, regardless of how short or long your stay, which we pay to the lady who does a thorough clean between guests.

There is a key deposit of 300 baht, payable when you receive the keys, which you get back when you return them.

A member of staff with fluent English is available at all times to answer your questions, recommend local cafés, show you how to use the mobikes etc. We want this to be your easy, fun and convenient base in Chiang Mai.

We do not have many rules but guests are expected to use common sense and act considerately towards other guests, users of the coworking space and our neighbors. You are responsible for any damage caused by you or anyone you bring into the building.

House of Siam is a clean air zone. Smoking, toking and vaping are not allowed anywhere in building, even on the balconies. In Chiang Mai, hotels are a better choice for smokers, very few of them enforce any rules against smoking, even in supposedly “non-smoking” rooms.

Contact Us to Reserve Your Dates or Ask a Question

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